Outpatient Detoxification Unit

When someone is addicted to drugs or alcohol, the first step in recovery is detoxification. The detox process rids the system of harmful substances while being monitored by medical staff. The Bridgeway Center, Inc (BCI) Outpatient Detox Program is supervised by a physician and staffed with licensed nurses and behavioral health counselors. This program will address the psychological, social, and behavioral issues associated with addiction by acting as a bridge to other services which support the transition to a substance free lifestyle.

For further information about the Outpatient Detoxification Unit , call:


205 Shell Avenue, Building D
Fort Walton Beach, FL 32548

Open Daily from 9AM-9PM
New Admissions from 9AM-7PM

Outpatient Detox services are offered in a supportive recovery environment for persons who need to continue living at home while recovering from addiction. For many individuals, Outpatient Detox is simply a must for many individuals who have families, careers, or other responsibilities who wouldn’t otherwise be able to receive the care and support they need. Detox participants live at home and attend daily or weekly for treatment at the Outpatient Program.

Outpatient Detox Services are designed to meet each individual where they are in their journey toward recovery. Each individual’s level of clinical severity is considered to achieve a safe and comfortable withdrawal from mood-altering drugs and alcohol to effectively facilitate the transition to treatment and recovery.

What does OP Detox Program look like?

  • An individualized, uniquely tailored treatment plan
  • A strong focus on developing and involving a natural support system
  • Substance Use groups
  • Informal groups focusing on recovery topics
  • Flexible group scheduling during the day
  • Case Management services to assist with linkage to housing, work, education, legal, and medical help
  • Referral to Individual therapy as needed
  • Referral to Psychiatric care as needed
  • Medication Assisted Treatment