Wellness Centers

Providing integrated, individualized psychosocial wellness programs for consumers seeking to better their lives and maintain independence.

Bridgeway Center's Psychosocial Wellness Centers provide socialization and wellness services for clients residing in the Guest Services of Bridgeway Center and in the community. Psychosocial Wellness Activities include:
  • Life Skills Group - focusing on life choices, problem solving behaviors and responsible management of personal affairs.
  • Skill Exploration - focusing on employment readiness, skills such as communication, time management, and team work.
  • Emotional Growth Group - focusing on coping skills, emotional stability, mental health symptom management, stress management, depression, and medication education.
  • Physical Fitness, Nutritional Classes, Recreational and Socialization Activities.
  • Use of Evidence Based Wellness Programs to assist with Advanced Directives, safety skills, and planning for emergencies.
  • Freedom Way Substance Abuse Support Group and 12-Step Meetings on Saturday and Sunday evenings (Fort Walton Beach location only).
  • Socialization Activities as scheduled such as a Valentine's Day Dance, Mardi Gras party, Memorial Day Picnic, Halloween Party with costume contest, and other events. Call for our current schedule.

Designed for the Individual - All programs are client/guest based and designed to ensure the needs of the participants are being met. All programs are subject to change based on the client/guest's preferences and needs. Feedback is given to staff through surveys, a Consumer Council, and suggestion boxes. Clients/guests also work with group facilitators to design topics, curricula, and engage in peer leadership opportunities.

Hours of Operation - Fort Walton Beach: 8:30AM-5:00PM / Crestview: 10:00AM-3:00PM or as scheduled for special activities.


For referral to the program:

Fort Walton Beach (850) 376-4372 / (850) 376-4673

Crestview (850) 376-4036 / (850) 585-8543

Bridgeway Center would like to make you aware of the many supportive services of the Wellness Center.