October Employee of the MonthDecember 14, 2022

Dana Noll

October Employee of the Month
Dana Noll, Recovery Nurse, LPN

Please join us in congratulating Dana Noll, Recovery Nurse, LPN, for earning the award for Employee of the Month for October 2022. Dana was selected for this award by the members of BCI’s Program Leadership. It is with great pride and admiration that we award Dana this distinguished designation. Dana started at Bridgeway Center, Inc. (BCI) in October 2022 and has been an essential part of BCI’s Detoxification Unit since.

Dana was nominated by her supervisor, Haily Wireman, who said “I would like to nominate Dana Noll. Ever since she started at Bridgeway she has always said “yes” to anything asked of her and completed tasks with 0 complaints. She volunteers to do anything and has picked up our system as well as taught it to her fellow coworkers. She has filled into the clinics in Crestview and Fort Walton when asked. She is extremely reliable, and thorough, and shows real initiative. We have had many trials and bumps along the way of building/setting up Detox as well as our audit, she has shown up to work with a smile on her face and brings joy to the patients and coworkers around her.”

Dana, you are an invaluable member of our team, and your dedication and commitment serve as a vital link to our operations.