June Employee of the MonthJuly 28, 2021

Natasha Alexander

June Employee of the Month is Natasha Alexander, Managed Care Network Compliance Coordinator

Please join us in congratulating Natasha Alexander, Managed Care Network Compliance Coordinator, for earning the title of Employee of the Month for June, 2021. Natasha was selected for this award by the members of BCI’s Program Leadership. It is with great pride and excitement that we award Natasha this distinguished designation. Natasha started at Bridgeway Center, Inc. (BCI) in August, 2016 and has been an essential part of BCI’s team since.

Natasha was nominated by two of her coworkers: Stephanie Smith, who said “I would like to nominate Natasha for employee of the month. Natasha works tirelessly behind the scenes to ensure BCI stays in compliance with our contractual agreements and licensing. With the recent implementation of FASAMS, Natasha has worked extremely hard to research and learn all about FASAMS and prepare/train BCI staff for the transition from Behavix to FASAMS. There have been plenty of stressful moments during the process of dealing with FASAMS, in addition to her daily workload, but she always maintains her professionalism through all of the mayhem. Natasha works non-stop to meet demands and deadlines for reports, audits and outcomes, but yet she still makes herself available to help anyone who needs it. She is a hard worker and all her hard work is appreciated!!;” and Amber Wookey, who said “Natasha has worked so diligently with all of the Bridgeway departments to ensure a smooth transition to the FASAMS system. She is a team player and a big part of her role is to make sure we are getting credit for all the hard work and good we do for our clients and community. I hope she know how appreciated she is!”

Natasha, you are a valued member of our team, and your dedication and commitment serve as a vital link to our operations.