February Employee of the MonthMarch 28, 2023

Kailien Smith

February Employee of the Month
Kailien Silva, BA, Care Coordinator

Please join us in congratulating Kailien Silva, BA, Care Coordinator, for earning the Employee of the Month award for February 2023. Kailien was selected for this award by BCI’s Program Leadership members. It is with great pride and admiration that we award Kailien this distinguished designation.

Kailien was nominated by Chief Clinical Officer Larry McFarland, who said, “I would like to nominate Kailien Silva for Employee of the Month. Kailien recently received the following Google Review: ‘Kailien Silva is an excellent social worker at Bridgeway, Fort Walton. She is compassionate, caring, and has a wealth of resources for helping clients. Seldom do you find a case worker who will communicate, follow up, and follow through in helping your loved one on their journey to wellness. Kailien is not your ordinary case worker; She is very skillful in talking with patients and helping them with daily activities needed for basic needs. She offers extra time that is beyond her duties in helping her clients, and I live 13 hours away, and she has kept me informed and advised me in helping my brother. My brother rarely trusts providers, and she has built a trusting relationship with him because of her caring and excellent personal skills. Unfortunately, she is changing her role at Bridgeway but will still be a part of Bridgeway, Fort Walton. I pray the new case worker is as caring, compassionate, and a good communicator as Kailien."

Kailien, you are an invaluable team member, and your dedication and commitment are a vital link to our operations.