Case Management

We are meeting our client's needs in the least-restrictive environment in the most timely & efficient manner.

Case Management Services (CM) operate throughout Okaloosa County from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm Monday through Friday, with 24/7 Crisis Intervention Services. Eligibility for CM services is determined according to criteria established by Medicaid. Individuals must have a DSM-V Axis I diagnosis. CM services are voluntary and require the active cooperation of the client.


For further information about Case Management or to request services, call:

850-226-8840 24/7 (Message Line)

BCI Initial Intake

Purpose of Case Management

The primary goal of Case Management is to ensure that clients' needs are met in the least restrictive environment and in the most timely and efficient manner possible. Case Management will link to various services dependent upon client needs. All services will be directed toward promoting independence and self-sufficiency. For further information about Case Management or to request services, call: 850-226-8840 24/7 message line or 8:00 am-5:00 pm contact 850-833-7500.

How it works

In concert with treating providers, the Case Manager will educate the client (and parent/guardian for minor children) regarding their mental illness, treatment, medication, and Mental Health Advanced Directives. CM will provide advocacy emphasizing building client skills that will enable them to assume responsibility for their own needs. If emergency services are required at any time, the Case Manager will provide necessary linkage to Bridgeway Emergency Services for clients in crisis.

The Cost

CM services are provided at no cost to the client, whether they have insurance or government benefits.

Who Can Benefit from Case Management

Adults - Adult Case Management is a problem-solving function designed to assist the long-term psychiatrically disabled adult (18 years or older) to secure continuity of services and achieve successful outcomes.

Children - Children's Case Managers work with children, ages 0 - 17, diagnosed with mental illness. The Case Manager works with the parent/guardian to facilitate access to therapeutic services, benefit providers, and community resources. The Targeted Case Manager will educate the client and family on the nature of the client's illness and behaviors, and the recommended treatment.