Child, Youth and Family Services are available at main locations, schools, and via telehealth.

Kid's Talk

Teen Talk

Individual Therapy

Child Parent Psychotherapy (CPP)

Case Management - The Case Manager, in concert with treating providers, will educate the client (and parent/guardian for minor children) regarding his/her mental illness, treatment, medication, and Mental Health Advanced Directives. CM will provide advocacy with emphasis on building client skills that will enable him/her to assume responsibility for his/her own needs. Please go to Case Management for a detailed description.

Pychiatric Services - Bridgeway Center's Behavioral Wellness Clinic offers outpatient psychiatric assessments, medication monitoring, and shot clinic services to indigent as well as insured individuals. Please go to Behavioral Wellness Clinic for more information.

Bridgeway is committed to helping provide support to our schools in Okaloosa County by assisting with a single point of contact that will help connect referred children, youth, and families to our services. School staff can complete the external referral form and fax to 850-855-4034 or email to

Okaloosa County school District has an interest in helping youth that have received a civil citation or a non-judicial possession of a substance obtain services in lieu of being expelled or placed in an alternative school. Youth offered this diversion alternative will be required to participate in Bridgeway’s Orientation, in a Biopsychosocial, and in substance abuse treatment. See substance abuse services for more information.

Bridgeway is currently present in many local schools on a minimum basis and at Okaloosa Academy most everyday. If you are interested in obtaining Bridgeway services during the school day please discuss your interest with your Bridgeway therapist. If your child is not currently receiving Bridgeway Services please, contact the school guidance counselor or the school mental health counselor to determine if their services are appropriate to address your child’s needs.