2019 Year in ReviewJanuary 6, 2020
Written by Donna Morgan, MPA, Clinical Executive Coordinator

2019 Year in Review Graphic

2019 was a long year. Bridgeway went through many changes; our first year with a new CEO, restructuring, new electronic health record, and a new way of thinking. We began to mend the past, build the future, make friends in the community, laugh more, cried some, and rebuilt the team. Many were relocated to different areas, promoted or changed jobs to better fit with our new mission. We started new programs, refreshed and/or refined existing programs, excelled with new ideas and leadership, and made this company stronger.

We are in the schools helping young people with their mental health and emotional needs. Bridgeway has a clinic at One Hopeful Place, enabling us to help those that don't have a home. We have two more much-needed programs opening in January, Jail Diversion, and the Health Clinic.

With our teams, the Employee Moral Team was able to take care of the staff. They created new and different moral building activities. Spirit week, pot lucks, pizza, and parties. Speaking of parties, they put on the best Christmas party that we have had in years. This team went all out to make the staff feel appreciated and loved. The Community Engagement and Outreach Team helped to get Bridgeway in the community in a positive light. They attended events and educated the public on what Bridgeway does and all the changes that are here and coming.

Fundraising for the Out of Darkness Walked continue all year. We were allowed additional jean days, raffles, and had the opportunity to educate staff and the public about the walk. We were once again one of the top fundraisers this year.

In reality, no one really likes change; it's hard, and it's upsetting, looking back on our year, change has been excellent. All in all, in this past year, Bridgeway has become more a part of this community than it has been in a very long time. We should feel proud of ourselves that we are making a positive impact in our little piece of paradise. Without the support of all the staff, leadership could not make all this happen. A huge THANK YOU to all of you for doing what you do and for being who you are, you make all this possible.