Guest Services

Guest Services Apartments provides guests in-home Psychosocial Services to eligible individuals. This includes Psychosocial Wellness Activities. the focus includes independent living skills such as meal planning, budgeting, crisis and stress management, utilization of community services, and transportation. These activities emphasize the development of empowerment and self-sufficiency. Guests continue to have access to Case Management, Psychosocial Wellness Centers' Groups on and off site, and individual treatment planning. Guest Services Apartments are available for 54 residents. Both male and female clients are served in gender specific apartments.

Supportive Housing
Supportive Housing provides Psychosocial Services to consumers residing in their own homes. Services such as medication monitoring, household management, transportation, budgeting, and crisis management skills assist consumers in reducing their risk of hospitalization while increasing their independence. Supportive Housing is available to clients living in the Fort Walton Beach and Crestview communities. Individualized treatment planning identifies risks and gaps in services needed for individuals to maintain independent living. Staff work with consumers to collaborate with other agencies to ensure continued independent living whenever possible.

Guest Services are offered in Fort Walton Beach