EAP for Businesses & Employers

One small program could improve the overall health of your employees and your company.

Bridgeway EAPAn Employee Assistance Program (EAP) is a key component to improving your company's overall performance.  Bridgeway Center, Inc. is a non-profit provider of EAP services to a wide range of organizations in Okaloosa County.  Our highly skilled and credentialed professional staff are trained to work with an organization of any size.  EAP services can be customized and packaged to fit the needs of any corporate environment.

EAP Facts

  • For every dollar invested in an EAP, employers generally save anywhere from $5 to $16 (USDL, What Works: Work Places Without Drugs)
  • A study published by the Health Enhancement Research Organization, surveyed over 46,000 workers at several U.S. companies and reported:
  • 18.5% of the employees were screened as highly stressed and their medical claims averaged 46% higher than those without high stress
  • 2.2% of the employees were screened as depressed and their medical claims averaged 70.2% higher than those without depression
  • Combined over 20% of the employees were either highly stressed or depressed and they averaged approximately 49% higher health care costs.
  • 70% of all current adult illegal drugs users are employed

Questions about EAP

How can providing an Employee Assistance Program generate a real Return on Investment? 

A good employee assistance program will reduce burdens on employers, not create new ones, because an EAP can help companies develop and maintain a healthy workforce.  Offering an EAP through a third-party vendor places very little burden on the employer.  While outcomes vary, EAPs tend to reduce employees’ use of sick time and decrease employee turnover.  They promote a work/life balance for employees, and help them reduce stress and cope with the every day worries of work and life. 

EAPs can assist managers who handle a wide range of performance issues, drug-free workplace polices or government regulations and can help companies respond quickly in the aftermath of a traumatic event in the workplace or help employees cope with a tragedy.  EAPs can provide wellness seminars on many topics such as stress and change management.  There is ample evidence to show that EAPs provide value. 

What are the benefits for companies that choose to employ a professional external provider of employee assistance programs? 

The number one benefit of using a third party vendor is the confidentiality they provide, which is very important to employees.  Another benefit is the depth of the resources third parties can provide, with expertise in crisis intervention, substance abuse, and a wide variety of issues that could tax even the largest HR department.  External providers can offer comprehensive research and have the ability to locate hard-to-find resources for very specialized requests, and they are more likely to have licensed clinicians on staff to help and employee who calls the EAP during a mental health crisis. 

What should companies look for in a provider when seeking to set up assistance programs? 

An employer should consider the depth and breadth of the services offered, for individuals and for the organization as a whole.  It is also important to consider the qualifications and credentials of the staff providing the services.  Employers should also consider how easy it is for the employees to access services, and whether the provider offers multiple locations.  Another important consideration is the communications program the provider offers.  A good EAP will provide mailings, web content, and offer reporting capabilities that enable employers to analyze data, identify trends and create action plans base don those trends. 

Are employee assistance programs a good fit for all types of employers and business sizes? 

EAPs are well-suited for almost any company in virtually any type of industry. 

What is it about your EAP offering that makes you stand out in the market? 

All of our clinical consultants are licensed and hold a master’s degree or a doctorate.  Next day appointments are available.  A holistic view of the individual is taken and focuses on a collaborative relationship with the client through listening and responding.  This assures a comprehensive and personalized level of service.