Inpatient Services - Detoxification Unit

24/7 Substance abuse, detoxification and mental health services

Within Bridgeway Center we provide Detoxification services for patients’ age 14 years and above. Bridgeway Center's Detoxification Unit is a 4 bed, Detoxification services24 hour per day, 7 days per week program of Inpatient and Crisis Services (ICS) program

The Detoxification Unit provides a full continuum of substance abuse services and mental health services with the main goal being to safely remove the substance out of one's system, while educating and offering referrals for outpatient treatment. The Detoxification unit provides services to males and females residing in District Circuit 1 of Florida, giving preference to residents of Okaloosa and Walton Counties.

The target populations consist of those who meet the admission criteria and who are seeking detoxification services either voluntary or involuntary (Marchman Act).  Detoxification program provides services for patients with a substance related diagnosis.  The Detoxification program is a short term admission facility.  Services are at 205 Shell Avenue, Building D in Fort Walton Beach, telephone 850-833-9193.