Anger Management Program

A comprehensive program for identifying and controlling anger.

Bridgeway Center Inc. offers a 12 week comprehensive Anger Management Program. The focus is on identifying and accepting responsibility for the anger that may be interrupting daily lives or impacting the lives of others, identify triggers and develop healthy coping patterns. Getting Anger under controlParticipants are able to explore the pattern formation of their anger, they given the opportunity to utilize newly learned skills and provide feedback to the provider and peers regarding changes they are experiencing while utilizing these new skills.

Anger is an emotion experienced by everyone. Anger is a normal reaction to some situations. Anger can be identified as a mild or severe irritation. Depending on the person, the situation, and their feelings, anger may cause an individual to become incensed or infuriated.  Some people may lash out or become extremely aggressive. Other people may attempt to ignore these feelings or become withdrawn. While some people become rude and insulting. Anger can be an extremely destructive emotion if left uncontrolled.

Often people who experience intense anger outbursts or even violence tend to blame others for their behavior. Many individuals who have anger issues feel insulted when anger management is suggested. They cannot accept that they have anger problems so they do not seeking the help they need.

Without help, this could eventually lead to a drastic change in lifestyle and loss and could possibly include the loss of family, friends and employment.

This program can also be used to assist in prevention of further escalating behaviors. Someone may be able to identify that their behaviors are impacting their daily life and want to get assistance to avoid unhealthy circumstances and negative consequences.