BCI Board of Trustee Member Greets New Governor

Bridgeway Center Inc. Receives Grant from the Blue Foundation for a Healthy Florida Inc.

Florida Governor Rick Scott and BCI Board Member Barbara Palmgren

Fort Walton Beach, FL - Bridgeway Center, Inc.'s Barbara Palmgren, Ed.D Board of Trustee Member and Daniel Cobbs Chief Executive Officer attended the recent reception held by Governor-Elect Scott. Daniel Cobbs was quoted as saying "I am encouraged to hear Governor Scott's comment "You've got two jobs, to hold us accountable and to stay active... not every two years or every four years, but every day."" He later agreed with the comment of State Representative Matt Gaetz when he called Scott "the most results-oriented person I've ever met" and voiced enthusiasm for his "desire to measure everything the government does."

Mrs. Palmgren stated that while serving on the BCI Board she has learned the impact public policy has on the continuation of critical direct care Psychological health Services provided by companies such as Bridgeway Center Inc., Okaloosa's Community Behavioral Health Center. She was hopeful that the new Governor will support Psychological Health Services during his tenure when he stated "We are going to do everything we can to make your proud.