Client/Patient Testimonials

What our clients/patients are saying about Bridgeway Center.

On Monday, January 5, 2015 Mary Cox received a call from Mr. O. who is the father of one of our apartment clients. Mr. O. was very complimentary of the services his son receives and mentioned Willie Morales and Brenda Hitt by name as two staff that have made a positive influence in his son’s life. Mr. O. has requested in lieu of Christmas gifts that family and friends make a donation to Bridgeway Center Inc. He called to get a good mailing address to send the donations to. Mary gave him her name in order to ensure we send thank you letters to each donation we may receive.

To the lady that answered the phone, the two ladies at the window and Mr. “C.R.” thank you so very much. Your kindness is much appreciated.

- B. F.

Bridgeway, I think of you so often. I hope you know how much I care about how you are doing, and will keep you close in thought and prayer.

- Anonymous

The Driving School instructor was great. He was very thorough about his information.

- BCI Satisfaction Survey

Keep up the excellent work in Anger Management and Therapy Services

- BCI Satisfaction Survey

The medical staff in Doctor Services is especially nice and helpful. The treatment I receive is excellent. No suggestions are needed.

- BCI Satisfaction Survey

Our DUI instructor was phenomenal. She covered all the basics; she was never judgmental and always very helpful.

- BCI Satisfaction Survey

Because of BCI, I now have a girlfriend.

- Client Testimonial During CARF Survey

One gentleman reported because of BCI “I am now in a choir”. He also sang Silent Night for the surveyor which brought her to tears.

- Client Testimonial During CARF Survey

Another client reported walking miles to get to the Wellness Center if his mother’s car was not available.

- Client Testimonial During CARF Survey

Andrea Lloyd is WONDERFUL. She is incredibly helpful… I never thought I would meet such a kind, helpful person in my life. She is very professional.

- K. J.

Special people like you make the world a brighter place. There aren’t enough words to tell you how grateful I am that you cleared my account at Soundside so I could continue my sessions with Craig. They say when you give you shall receive. I hope you receive something very special, you deserve it! Also, just want to let you know my experience at Bridgeway/Soundside goes beyond words as well. I once not very long ago lived a very privileged life and it was all taken away. It’s actually been a blessing, yes a struggle… but a true awakening. Given the choice I choose Bridgeway for my care!

P.S. thanks to Katrina for her knowledge and ability to assign us the care we got plus knowing who would be the best match. She really takes time to LISTEN!

- L. S..

I appreciate all you are doing for our families and children.

- Judge Polson

Dear Luann DuRall, MS

This is Larry. I have received your letter stating that the driving schools clinical team has determined that I should be referred to mandatory treatment. That does not upset me, just like I told you during my evaluation. You guys are great and I will choose Bridgeway Center as my choice for treatment just for that reason.

My driver’s license was unsuspended the same day that you evaluated me. I was told by my lawyer last week to go ahead and make an appointment for a DMV hearing, so I did. I had an appointment with you (for evaluation) on Wednesday at 9:45AM, an appointment with my lawyer at 11:00AM and an appointment with the DMV at 3:30PM (what a busy day). At 4:30pm my driver’s license was reinstated. After the state’s prosecutor saw the field test video from the officer’s car he determined that the officer’s report was inconsistent with my report and the video, therefore he could not pursue my case as a DUI.

During this ordeal I have come in contact with three employees at Bridgeway Center, my instructor, my evaluator, and the lady at the desk who registered me. In my opinion all three of ya’ll are awesome. The DUI class was very educational and I can’t wait to be able to share the knowledge (I would rather not have to but I know better). GOD BLESS.

- L. G.

Course had all the things I would need to know for the driving license test.

- T. B.

Lessons go me to feel more confident in driving in heavy traffic.

- S. W.

Safe car, very reliable and perfect for driving lessons.

- N. D.

I passed the driver’s test!!! My instructor gave me confidence.

- N. B.

I learned what I needed and everything was explained well.

- A. C.

I’m able to drive now even though I have never had any driving experience before. I could not believe I would be able to drive in my life and now I have my driver’s license. Instructor was so patient, so professional and always tried to share his knowledge to teach me how to be a safe driver. He made me feel confident and it was so important and gave me belief that I would be able to drive by myself one day.

- N. D.

All basic material was covered as I expected and focus was placed on the areas I most needed improvement.

- S. A.

I feel confident that I can drive safely and will be able to take what I learned and use it.

- J. H.

All questions were answered professionally and easy to understand.

- J. E.

Instructor made driving fun and I felt comfortable.

- R. H.

Hi, just wanted to share with you and your staff.

I saw this client last week and accompanied her to her probation appointment. On the way she shared with me that she was doing so much better. When I asked her what she felt attributed to her doing so well she said it was because of all the things she had learned at Psychosocial Wellness Center and the help that she has received at BCI. She said she is now able to accept her diagnosis and has learned the skills she needs to better manage her mental health symptoms. She now has goals for the future and feels she can lead a productive life despite her mental illness. It was so rewarding to know that what we do does have an impact on the clients we serve and I just wanted to let you and your staff know how much she appreciates all you have done for her. What we do matters!!! :)

- Adult Targeted Case Manager

Hello everyone,

I received a call from a male client, whom called the Crisis Hotline to inform them that he wanted to give a "Special Thanks" to our Crisis Hotline for being there when he needed it. He stated that now he has been put on the proper medications and is doing so much better and that he is able to carry out his normal daily activities. Just wanted to share his "Thankfulness" with all because I believe it took a team effort to make that change in this man's life.

- Emergency Services Screener

One of our patients gave this note to our RN, Therese Calabrese:

Dear Teri,

I just wanted to thank you for listening to everyone. I felt that you not only listened, but you heard me and understood my perspective. That will stay with me for a long time. I appreciate your genuine care.

- S.