Bridgeway Center Board of Trustees Testimonials

What our Board of Trustees are saying about Bridgeway Center.

Every working day, day in and day out, there is an organization working in Okaloosa County that is dedicated to the safety of all its citizens. Most likely, many folks are not aware of this organization because they or their family are not directly touched or associated with it. But all citizens of Okaloosa County and surrounding areas benefit from the work that this organization and its dedicated employees do for us. This organization is, of course, Bridgeway Center, Inc., a non-profit Behavior and Psychosocial Health provider for our citizens, especially children. With operations in Fort Walton Beach and Crestview, this organization provides counseling, emergency/crisis support services for the uninsured to include psychiatric medicine, psychosocial wellness therapy with in-home supportive services, outpatient counseling for individuals/families case management (social workers) and in–home supportive after care services for continued independent living and a driving school for those who have been in trouble with the law through driving associated incidents. Bridgeway Center, Inc. is in the business of keeping people from walking around on our public streets talking to themselves and perhaps doing harm to themselves and most importantly others. In addition Bridgeway keeps people out of hospitals which can be a drain on all taxpaying citizens. As a member of the Bridgeway Center, Inc. Board of Trustees for the past 9 years I can attest first hand to the outstanding work that this organization does for us and our citizens. Bridleway’s employees are some of the most dedicated and caring workers you could find anywhere. Bridgeway is the Best.

- Doug Burgess, Retired Colonel, US Army

Through my career as an educator in Okaloosa County, I have witnessed the importance of Bridgeway in the lives of countless students and families. Children that exhibited various mental health issues could be evaluated by Bridgeway and receive help through counseling, group and individual therapy and/or medication, depending on the child's need. Parents could also receive the same care plus family counseling and parenting classes. Due to Bridgeway's assistance, children's behavior and ability to focus would improve at school, which in turn, would improve their academic performance.

On a personal level, I have witnessed several of my friends and family that have received help for depression, ADHD intervention, anxiety, grief and anger, just to name a few of the specialties Bridgeway offers. One example is a close friend that is a foster parent. She makes sure all of her foster children are evaluated and receive counseling at Bridgeway. She praises the counselors because they have made such improvements in the attitudes and behaviors of her foster kids. She also pointed out how compassionate and caring the staff was. I have been in Bridgeway several times and would agree. It is a nurturing, friendly environment.

I strongly encourage parents, teenagers and adults that are struggling with mental health issues or substance abuse, to contact Bridgeway for assistance. It is a wonderful organization with so much to offer Okaloosa County.

- Susan Palmer, Retired Principal, Ocean City Elementary School