Community Action Treatment (CAT) Team

CAT is a team of mental health professionals [psychiatrist or nurse practitioners, nurses, clinicians, case managers, and mentors] working together with families to provide treatment that promotes family wellness, stability, and participation with social services agencies. CAT provides 24-hour on call family support. Therapeutic services focus on parenting skills, behavior modification and social skills development. Services are community-based, with most occurring in the home and school.

Who is Eligible?

Residents of Okaloosa Area ages 11-21
Must have had at least one of the following:
• continuous treatments without success
• recent history of psychiatric hospitalizations
• at risk of alternative school placement or dropping out of school
• returning from a residential treatment facility to home
• in foster care, but working toward reunification or adoption
• at risk of being placed in Department of Juvenile Justice residential commitment program
• aging out of children’s mental health services and transitioning into adult system with high treatment needs


• Mental Health/ Psychiatric Care
• Medications
• Mentoring
• Case Management Services
• Co-occurring Mental Health and Substance Abuse Treatment
• Individual and Family Therapy
• Advocacy
• Community Resource Coordination

What are the goals of the Mobile Community Action Team?

• Strengthen the family system, resulting in youth living at home and being successful in their own community.
• Improve school related outcomes such as attendance, grades and graduation rates.
• Decrease substance use & abuse.
• Decrease out of home placements.
• Transition into age appropriate services.
• Promote family wellness.
• Decrease psychiatric hospitalizations.

For further information , call:

(850) 517-1203

Community Action Treatment Team Orientation

CAT Vitual Services